Platform for IT projects implementation


international projects

of exhibitions and conferences

of Russian achievements in the IT

About the Company

Each economy sector is recovering at its own pace: the financial industry will come to pre-pandemic indicators this year, transport and trade will take twice as long. According to Gartner analysts, in 2021 the best one is IT sector. The digital technology market continues to grow and requires support from public and private companies.

Independent Noncommercial Organization «Digital Transformations» is a platform for popularizing information technology and the digital economy as well as presenting Russian experience in these areas in the international arena.

Sources of Funding

The acvities of the agency are mainly funded through sponsorship. Besides our charter allows for earmarked funding in form of budgetary subsidies appropriated for attaining our charter goals.

Director General – Ludmila A. Tsoy

Our Mission

We seek to promote Russian cutting-edge technology solutions on the global arena, to articulate and advocate national approaches towards regulating the digital sphere and to enhance Russia’s international image as a global technological power.

We strive to develop the agency into a single-point entry for international events held in Russia and beyond focusing on IT and digital transformation.


Carrying out events
concerning the digital economy and information technology

Interaction with authorities, raising funds for IT projects

Presentation of Russian achievements in the IT at the international level

Creation of working groups and attraction of the necessary personnel to work on projects

Cooperation with profit and non-profit organizations and authorities in the framework of IT projects

Maintaining event budgets and providing transparent reporting

Information support of events in the IT

Keeping a calendar of events that are of interest to the IT community

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2021 ICPC World Finals

The International Collegiate Programming Contest

Moscow, October 1 – 6


Series of events aimed atOS solutions development in Russia

Russia Open Source

August 2021 – October 2022


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Founding Members

Our agency was set up by organizations with extensive expertise in efficient communication with major national and international partners as well as in holding top-level for both within Russia and beyond.

Synergy University is a private university possessing unique expertise in organizing large-scale impressive events that brought together celebrities, global thinkers, visioners and major public persons.

- Moscow Association for Event Tourism primarily focuses on holding international events of all kinds to promote interest towards Russia and its capital.